38.478045, -80.652290

Several names have been offered for this waterfall. Both names are local family names and mentioned extensively in the book “River on the Rocks – The Birch River Story” by Skip Johnson.

It's on Birch River along Rt. 82...just a short distance after you cross into Webster County from Nicholas County ....approximately 7.4 miles east of US 19 and about 1.8 miles west of the town of Boggs.  You'll come to a place where there are breaks in the guardrail and a single wide across the road with a gravel drive.  Parking will be side of the road with absolutely no room or park on private property.  You'll need to use your GPS to get here or just keep your eyes open.  It's roadside and not too hard to see as you drive by.  Access into the creek is easy at either of two breaks in the guardrail.