Photo and route descriptions by Brian Peterman.


I go up the mountain from Rt 72. I think it's shorter to go up from the bottom and would rather go downhill on the way back.

I go to Hendricks from Parsons and past the parking area for Otter Creek. There is a Forest Service Road gate on the left after you pass the Otter Creek parking area. I usually park along the road on a pull off on the right before I get to the gate. There's not much room to park by the gate. Getting there is hard to explain.

You go up the FS road around 1.25 to 1.5 miles. You'll start seeing hemlocks growing on the right side of the road and then a smaller tree with a rather demented smiley face carved in it. It's easy to miss. That's where you leave the road and head into the woods. There is no trail, it's a bushwack of 1/4 mile or so. If it's running well, you'll hear it. There's a big rock below the fall that's flat on top and makes a good spot to shoot from. There's a high cliff on the left side of the creek that is undercut and has a tall waterfall flowing from it when the water is up. It was one of the most beautiful places I've see before Sandy mess it up.
This is what the little canyon looked like before Sandy.

I do have some coords for Red Run. The FS gate is at: N39 02.395, W079 35.833. The smiley tree where you leave the road is at: N39 02.883, W079 34.748. The fall is at: N39 02.833, W079 34.591. Signal isn't great there but they should be in the ballpark.