Tucked away in a narrow gorge just off the Highland Scenic Highway is a hidden treasure known as the Falls of Hills Creek Scenic Area. This popular 114 acre area contains three waterfalls - 25 feet, 45 feet, and 63 feet. The lower falls, at 63 feet is the second highest waterfall in West Virginia.

The 114 acre area sits just south of Highway 39 – 5 miles west of the Cranberry Mountain Nature Center - and is marked with a Monongahela National Forest Recreation sign.  Turn down the gravel road and park in the small lot where rest rooms are also available.  38.18112, -80.3399

For more information during the summer months contact the Cranberry Mountain Nature Center at (304)653-4826 (voice and TTY) and during the winter months contact the Gauley Ranger District at (304)846-2695 (voice and TTY).

The first 1700 feet of trail is a paved and has a wheelchair accessible path to the upper falls viewing platform.

Directions:(38.18112, -80.3399)

From the North and East via Interstate 79, use Exit 57 onto US Route 19 South to State Route 55. Take WV 55 through Richwood to the Falls of Hills Creek. Approximately 65 miles from Exit 57.

From South and East via Interstate 64 use Exit 169 onto US 219 North to State Route 39/55. West on WV 39/55 to Falls of Hills Creek. Approximately 42 miles from Exit 169 in Lewisburg.

Descriptions above are courtesy of U.S. Forest Service website.




I didn't count the step going down but I'm sure it is over 500.  I have to say that it was taxing, to say the least, coming back up.  Be prepared.  Also, the view of the falls is from viewing platforms.  There is not much access to the creek below any of the falls.  Some have jumped the railings, especially at the middle falls, and if you want to see the upper falls from creek level, you will have to walk the creek from far below.  You will know where that access is on your way up or down, as the stairs begin and end at creek level between upper and middle falls.  The platforms are in adequate positions (but not the upper) for satisfactory photo shots, however, the lower falls does not have as much canopy and they are all subject to heavy sun at mid day.


 Hills Creek3

Hills Creek1

Hills Creek2