Douglas Falls is just outside of Thomas on the North Fork Blackwater River.

Here's a link to an interesting page that not only has photos, but history and trail info for this area.

Thomas is kind of a cool little place that comes to life in the fall when they have a festival.  Lots of music and art, etc. and some good food too.  Don't expect cheap prices though, things are not cheap in this area.  However, there are a number of excellent and interesting places to visit in the small town of Thomas, not the least of which is The Purple Fiddle, which has some really good ice cream in waffle cones, excellent line up of micro brew beers, and the food is overall pretty good.  You won't be disappointed.


From the downtown on US 32, take a right just as you leave the downtown, on Douglas Road.  Follow Douglas Rd.  It will bear right just in front of the Buxton & Landstreet Gallery and Studios and head downhill a bit.  Follow it round and just after it crosses the river, it forks.  Take the left fork.  This is Rail Falls Rd.  It's a dirt road but it's cool for cars.  Follow it on down till you get to a funky bridge.  It's kind of dubious looking, and you can cross it if you want, but I always park here and walk.  Along the way, and I can't tell you the exact spot, you just have to keep an eye out, is Albert Falls.  It's not real spectacular and I still need a good shot of it,  but it's certainly worth a look.


After parking, follow the road along the river and you will soon be in the woods.  The falls is on your left as you walk and there is a decent right at the falls.  Further down are better photographic opportunities, however, recently some trees have fallen into the river and blocked the really great perspective from downstream.  However, there are still shots to be had from downstream, just be careful getting down in the river here.  It can be kind of dangerous.


Downstream you will find a lot of good shooting.  This spot is just below the area in the bottom of the shot above.  It requires some rock hopping and maybe some creek wading, depending on the flow.  Below this spot is another falls.

RJH 5759

I do not know the name of this falls.  It deserves one, and it may have one but I have not even seen a shot of it on the internet, so, I have no idea.  It will be easy to fall into the creek when you are climbing the rocks along the banks to get to this falls.  You will probably want to go down below here and further down the creek a bit to shoot this fall from creek level, but if you do, bring a friend to help with equipment and footing.  I was alone and didn't think it was a wise move by myself.  It's not a very long drop, but I can see someone really getting hurt here if they are not careful.  This shot is with my back up against the cliff wall on the edge of the creek with a 14mm lens to catch it all.  It's rather impressive here and I'd love to get into the creek below.  I looked for a way down from the trail above and did not see anything hopeful.  Downstream you'll find Kennedy Falls, which is no picnic to get to, but is doable, and worth it.  I'm sure there is something beyond Kennedy as well, but a walk down the trail made it seem like a lot of work to get down in the creek below Kennedy.  One day, I'll walk to the end.

RJH 5727

There are additional falls along the trail as Tub Run (39.097714, -79.549573) and Big Run (39.094875, -79.567830) come down off the hill.  They will probably only be impressive during wet weather.