This falls is near Hendricks, W.V.  I named this falls Colleen Falls because of the nice lady that introduced me to it and gave me the images and directions.  I don't know if this has a real name and directions are a bit dubious.  You might have to work a little to get there, but it is not too far from the road.

There is a campsite here.  It will be indicated by a small short dirt road on your right.  Current GPS puts it at 39.0659, -79.61329, but that may not be completely accurate as I forgot to activate my hand held GPS when I was there.  Once you pull into the campsite area, look for a hill on your right.  You will see a number of tails up the hill.  Go to the top and go left and follow the top of the hill into the woods.  It's only less than 100 yds.


Here's the thing about this falls.  It's all covered up in fallen trees and there are briars and nettles all along the creek approach and even up on the sides.  You can barely get at this fall and for photography, it' probably will not give what you hope for.  Anyway, some concern has been voiced about the habitat and not tearing up the vegetation around this waterfall.  I submit that it's not very approachable to start with and that it's a party spot for the locals and that if it was going to be torn up, it would have been by now.  Just be careful and don't step on the moss and ferns and just stay back aways.  This is not one of those falls you can play in.

Take US 219 into Parsons and turn onto Central Ave.  Take an immediate left onto 1st St.  Go about one block and follow street to a right turn on Billings Ave. (219/7).  At Memorial Drive, bear left on Billings Ave.  Follow around the cemetary where the road changes into Brooklyn Heights Rd. (219/7).  Follow Brooklyn Heights Rd. for approximately 4 miles.  The campsite will be on your right not long after you pass a roadside fall.  This is another waterfall I know nothing about.  It seems to run (dribble) a lot, never seen heavy flow here, but it is kind of covered up with fallen stuff, slippery, and probably falls into the same category as Colleen in the "Don't Step On The Moss" class.  No real need to climb this thing, though, as there's nothing up there, but I'm sure some do anyway.  I saw skid marks about 15' up.