Upper Turkey Creek Falls

(38.12332, -81.1281)

Hawk's Nest Overlook,

Picnic Shelter, and Gift Shop

49 Co Rte 60/23

Ansted, WV 25812

Park in the parking lot across from the gift shop and then walk down the trail at the low end of the parking lot. Eventually, the trail turns left and goes down hill along Turkey Creek. There are two nice waterfalls on this part of the creek, as well as some smaller interest, and then the lower falls accessible from river level.Turkey

Lower Turkey Creek Falls 38.121639, -81.130042

From the bottom of the rail trail continue down river through the parking areas and park close to the gated trail at the end. Walk along the trail toward the dam for less than 0.5 mile on this flat easy trail. Falls is at the end of the trail.LowerTurkey