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"Muddy Creek Park is a historical roadside park located along WV-26 in northern Preston County north of Albright, West Virginia. The park is a national historic district and the site of the Virginia Furnace, the ruin of a historic blast furnace that smelted iron through the late 1800s.

In the 1933, the furnace and surrounding bottoms along the banks of Muddy Creek were acquired by the Kingwood chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. As well as preserving the furnace, the chapter had built at stone fireplace, a pump pavilion, and two picnic pavilions. 

A small parking area along WV-26 provides visitors access to the picnic area and the site of the furnace and adjacent Muddy Creek Falls."*

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"Virginia Furnace, also known as Muddy Creek Furnace and Josephine Furnace, is a historic water powered blast furnace and national historic district located near Albright, Preston County, West Virginia. The district encompasses three contributing structures and one contributing site. The furnace was built in 1854, and was a "charcoal" iron furnace used to smelt iron. It is constructed of cut sandstone, and forms a truncated pyramid measuring approximately 34 feet square in plan and rising about 30 feet. The district includes the nearby wheel pit, blast machinery, and salamander. The furnace remained in operation until the 1890s, and was the last "charcoal" iron furnace to cease operating in northern West Virginia. In 1933, the Virginia Furnace was acquired by the Kingswood Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution who created a roadside park at the furnace site.  (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)"