39.606707, -79.759075

From Exit 15 on I-68, drive Old 73 (CR 73/73) for 1 mile and turn right on Pisgah Ladley Rd. (CR 73/2).  Follow for for 0.9 miles and bear onto Laurel Run Pisgah (CR 73/5).  0.2 miles further, turn right onto Beaver Hollow/Beaver Hole Rd (CR 73/4).  Follow that for about 2.4 miles, or until you just can't go any further and look to the below directions from Charles Cropp.

Charles Cropp.  I drive my Ford Focus as far as I can down the road and park on the side of the road. I hike the rest of the way in. It’s an old Jeep road. Don’t worry about all the no trespassing signs. The Jeep road is a public road. Eventually the road crosses over into the Cheat Canyon Wildlife management area - ie. Public Land. There is a culvert in the road that has collapsed. You cannot make it across here unless you have an ATV or hike it. From where I park to where the waterfall is located is only about 1 mile. The path to the waterfall is in a turn. The road turns to the right. Hike a sharp left and start over the hill. There is a old path part of the way down. Go down stream a little ways and then approach the waterfall from downstream.