37.74418, -81.00921

I've seen a picture of this waterfall, and it's pretty nice. About 20' high and 40' wide and slides at a 45ยบ angle. The only problem is the location. Not sure if it's private property or not, but even if not, it's a treacherous road to navigate. I spoke to a local resident who offered to take me back to the falls at a later date on his quad, but strictly advised against driving my 4WD truck back there, as some of the holes will flood water over the hood.

If you go here, definitely stop at the first trailer on your left and talk to the biker dude that lives there. He was pretty nice and seemed like no problem but you should ask first. Also, he was not aware of the name of this falls. I found this from a lady's post on Facebook and she has not returned a reply to my inquiries, so it's basically a mystery until I can get in there and maybe talk to more people from the area. I was hoping to get permission to use her image too, as it's the only one I have found.

I did find some information about a mill from way back and it was called the Billy Redden Mill, so maybe there's a correlation.  Here's a link to the article.

Exit I 64 at Exit 133 and go 3.8 miles east on CR 27 all the way. At the intersection is the log structure Pluto Church, do a hard switchback to the right down the unpaved Pinch Creek Rd. (CR 22) along Pinch Creek.

Billy Redden Falls

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