Got detoured here on my way to Thomas and ran across these two falls.  I doubt they have any names, and they are not really impressive in their present state, what with all the debris and low water.  However, they could be good during some heavy rains, and this flow was during a slack time, so could be worth checking sometime at your guess and leisure.  Located between Holly Meadows Road and US 219 on Sugar Lands Rd. (CR 29), just on the side of the road, you can't miss it.


If you are coming from Thomas, it's about 4.7 miles from the bridge on US 219 in Thomas to Sugar Lands Rd.  You will find some windmills here as well.  You might try to hit these falls on the way to check out Big Run on FR 18, which is just down the road.  Anyway, travel down Sugar Lands Rd. I'm guessing about 4.5 - 5 miles.  I didn't measure it, but when you see the creek right next to the road, you will know to begin looking.

I can't say if this area has had any heavy water in awhile,  but a good wash wouldn't hurt this place.  Lots of trees and branches.


RJH 5448


RJH 5453



In May of 2017, we drove by just to have a look and they had changed and were quite handsome, comparatively.  I had to duck in front of some fallen trees with a wide angle and work close up on the one fall but they both looked much better on this visit.  A bit of water never hurts.