Waterfalls on Red Creek

Dolly Sods has some  very beautiful waterfalls.  Anne Johnson has photographed and hiked the Red Creek and offers her images and directions.  Images and trail descriptions courtesy of Anne Johnson.  I think she lives at Dolly Sods.  She definitely loves the place.   Anne's website.

  • I have created a google topo map of the falls locations. It does not profess to be 100% accurate, and in several cases may be off base, but will give you a rough idea of the terrain and locations.
  • Here's a link to the U.S. Forest Service trail map for Dolly Sods which includes the Red Creek area trails. (PDF Version).
  • Here's my post from my blog about my day hike, with photos and directions, along Red Creek.

 1.  Stairstep Falls:  Begin at the Laneville Cabin trailhead and follow the Red Creek Trail for approximately 2 miles.  Waterfall is by the trail.

Stair Step


2.  Curtain Falls:  Begin at the Laneville Cabin trailhead and follow the Red Creek Trail for approximately 2 1/4 miles.  Waterfall is approximately 1/4 mile past Stairstep Falls and is by the trail.


3.  Diamond Falls:  Begin at the Laneville Cabin trailhead and hike Red Creek trail, passing the Big Stonecoal junction.  When Red Creek trail starts up hill, go left off the trail and toward Red Creek.  Cross the creek and follow an overgrown railroad grade for approximately 1/2 mile.  Diamond Falls is off trail on the right.


On a recent trip, we encountered a fall below Diamond Falls.  At about 100 yards downstream, you will find another small but beautiful falls that had gone previously unnamed, to my knowledge, as well as others.  Anne Johnson, a regular Red Creek trekker, suggested that I give it a name.  Lower Diamond Falls came to mind immediately, but I dismissed it out of hand, and Anne agreed with me that Rock Face Falls was a good name, so here is Rock Face Falls.  You will also find an excellent camping site right here beside Red Creek.  Nice and flat with a fire pit.





4.  Big Stonecoal Falls:  Begin at Laneville Cabin trailhead and hike 1 1/2 miles up Red Creek to the Big Stonecoal junction, and cross Red Creek.  Take Big Stonecoal trail 1 1/2 miles up hill.  Waterfall is beside trail.

 Big Stonecoal

Big Stonecoal2

5.  Little Stonecoal:   Begin at Laneville Cabin trailhead and hike 1/2 mile up Red Creek to the Little Stonecoal junction.  Take Little Stonecoal Trail, crossing Red Creek in about 200 yards. Continue up Little Stonecoal Trail for less than a mile, and waterfall will be on the left of the trail.

 Little Stonecoal 3

Little Stonecoal

6.  Destination Falls:  Take Fisher Spring trailhead, follow the trail approximately 2 miles until you are within sight of Red Creek.  Go off trail to the right and cross Red Creek, then bushwhack up the creek 1/4 mile.