This is Pendleton Lake from up on the dam at sunset.

Pendleton8Pendleton Creek is another run similar to Shay's.  It begins at the Pendleton Lake, which is across the gorge from the lodge at Blackwater Falls State Park.  From the lake parking, there is a trail (more like a road) that heads over toward Pendleton Run.  It's pretty obvious.  It terminates at the end of the lake where there is a dam.  Cross the dam and look for a trail.  I have been down both sides of the upper section.  Most of that is pretty navigable.  If you want to get to the bottom, you'll need to go another way.



Go to the Pendleton Overlook parking area.  Notice the edge of the asphalt on the north side.  Use that line as a sighting line to walk all the way over to the edge of the woods and look for a sign that mentions the trail.  Go to your right down into the woods and look for the trail to decend on your left along the cliff and parallel to the creek as it tumble down into the Blackwater River Gorge. This is not a trail for the faint of heart or the ill prepared.  It is very steep and hard work getting down and then back up.  If you are in good shape, you can probably handle it, but that doesn't negate the danger aspect.  This is a dangerous trail and it will take you a long time to go to the bottom and then back up, unless you're a mountain goat.

 Photos of the lower section courtesy of Bobbie Swan.  Thank you.

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