From Thomas, W.V., travel 6.5 miles south on US 219 to FR 18.  Tucker County High School, (116 Mountain Lion Way, Hambleton, WV.) will be on your right at about 5.6 miles.


At 0.9 mi past the entrance to the high school, take left on FR 18.  At just under 0.5 mi., at the intersection of FR 18 and FR 717, continue to the left on FR 18.  (FR 717 will take you to a fire tower after about 2 miles and dead ends there.)


Travel 1.3 mi. to the place where the road crosses Big Run.  Continue to a pull off area.  There is a picnic table and camping area.  Just down the road is a rock with an orage marking.  You can enter the creek here which is at the top of the falls or continue down the road a bit further, where you will find another trail.  I recommend you find this second trail, as it is much easier and the top trail is kind of dangerous.  Also, it will bring you out at a more photo friendly spot and keep you from some rock hopping.

Coordinates are approximate.  (39.108497, -79.570527)

RJH 5496

I shot this on my original trip to Big Run.  It had not been raining lately.

RJH 6141

I shot this after it had rained for three days.  I would suppose if you want some major flow, you will need to come here when it's raining heavily or has been for a long time.

RJH 5519

This is the middle fall of three.  You can see the main fall in the background.  There is one more just below this one, but I didn't feel comfortable going down, so, no shots.

I went to the lower one in fall 2018.  There is a trail and the best I can tell you about it is to stay left when the trail seems to fork.  Start at the second trailhead from the parking area.  There are a couple of tricky traverses, but it'll be more about not knowing if you're going the right way or not.