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Howell's Mill has a man made waterfall.  It's a dam for the old mill.  It's not very scenic and the mill is shut and boarded with "No Tresspassing" signs all over the place.  Not sure who owns it, but I am trying to find out.  It's located at/near 3438 Howell's Mill Rd, right where the bridge crosses the Mud River.  To get there, take I-64 Exit 20 and go south on either East or West Mall Rd. (depending on which direction you come from).  Turn left on Midland Trail (US 60) and drive about 3 miles and turn left on Howell's Mill Rd. till you come to the first river crossing.  The mill is in the trees to you left as you look west from the bridge.  This is also where the Howell's Mill Christian Assembly Camp driveway is located.  There are plenty of "No Tresspassing" signs for you to take pictures of.