1. Red Creek in the Dolly Sods Wilderness - You could spend a week in here and never see it all, but here's an easy one for you with a lot of photo ops along the way.  The trail is mostly level ground with some minor ups and downs.  The rewards are that you will see at least 4 waterfalls and numerous other creek and forest areas.  It's a nice hike and with camera set ups, it's an all day deal.  It measures about 6 miles round trip and begins at the Laneville Cabin's Parking area.  This is the trail head.  Download this PDF with all the Dolly Sods trails. It will come in handy.  It's Trail 514.  There are no blazes and keeping to the trail might prove iffy at times, but basically, you will want to follow the creek upstream.  You might find, as I did, the occassional cairn to give you a hint that the trail goes there.  You could also hike the Fisher Spring Trail (Trail 510) and catch one more falls.  There is one right at the confluence of the trail with Red Creek that I don't have a photo of yet.  In retrospect, next time out, I'm going to park up on the Sods at the trailhead for Fisher Springs and hike on down and out to Laneville.  I't about the same distance but you will need a vehicle at both ends.