Holly River State Park

Holly River State Park is located on WV 20, 32 miles south of Buckhannon and 20 miles north of Webster Springs. Interstate 79 running north/south through central West Virginia offers access to WV 20 at several points.  (38.666433, -80.3537)

Holly River State Park: Official Website
PO Box 70, Hacker Valley, WV 26222 / Phone: (304) 493-6353

Kevin Adam's book lists five falls in the park.

  1. Tecumseh Falls
  2. Tenskwatawa Falls
  3. Upper Falls
  4. Shupe's Chute
  5. Lower Falls

Kevin indicates that the pretiest falls are the easiest ones to get to.  Here's a .pdf map of the park.  All the falls are listed, but #'s 3, 4, & 5 are the ones Kevin refers to and they are located in the Potato Knob area of the park.  Look at the bottom center of the map and you will see them listed there.