37.74725, -80.92544

Fall Branch is a feeder creek along CR 26 on the way to Sandstone Falls.  Fall Branch is certainly a must side trip to Sandstone.  It will take you maybe three or four hours to hike up and back this basically level trail along Fall Branch including photos.  It's an easy trail with a fair amount of wildflowers as well.  However, there are a couple creek crossings here and you will probably also want to cross the creek a couple times to get some proper perspective on a couple of the falls.  The first one, for example, definitely requires a creek wallk unless you want to shoot from the trail.  When you get up to about the fourth big fall on this run, there's a feeder creek (unnamed) that comes in on your left.  Walk up there about a 1/4 mile for a nice one.  I'm told I didn't go up far enough on Fall Branch and that there is at least one other nice fall up above the feeder creek, so check it out and see what I missed.  There may be more up the feeder creek too.  Who knows.

Here are the falls in order of appearance from the main road.