N38° 13.416' W80° 59.370'

Mason Branch is located on the Northern shore of Gauley River in the Gauley River NRA.  It is accessed by way of CR 22 which leads to river level via a river access road.  Bear left at the intersection "V" in the road for Meadow Branch.  It goes downhill along another unnamed creek.

From US 19, near the town of Mt. Nebo, turn west on SR 129. Drive for 8.5 miles and turn left on Backus Bridge/Panther Mountain Rd. CR 11/1. Follow Panther Mountain Rd. for 2.6 miles and make a hard left on Griffin Rd which turns into Tipton Rd (CR 22). Follow for 1.6 miles to a fork in the road just after you pass the Arnet Chapel.

On the way down you will find a creek on your right. There are some nice falls in here. Park on the side of the road after the fork. There is a nice fall at the bottom and some pretty nice ones up top as well. It's not that long of a run, and it's pretty nice. You can creek walk most of it.



There is a road side fall on your left on the way down that is not real obvious. You'll come across a space on the side of the road that's just wide enough to pull completely off the road. Just there, in behind the trees is this waterfall.


Continue down to river level and drive east through the various open areas until you get to an open area where you can see the road goes up into the woods and continues along the river. Park here. The falls is back in the woods. You should be able to hear them. There are two falls here, so make sure you go upstream a bit for the grotto falls at Mason Branch.

This is the first falls you see on Mason Branch.  Go to the left side and follow the trail up the creek.


This is the upper grotto falls.