My inaugural adventure up Falls Creek on  Deepwater-Cotton Hill Rd. was less than stellar, though quite interesting and informative.  It seems there is a pretty nice and large waterfall very near the bottom of the run, which I would probably consider worth photographing, if I could get to it.  It's about 30'-40' and in a pretty dangerous little gorge and it was also not the best conditions for us, with lots of rain and mud.  There is also a lot of trash on the sides of the gorge.

From the Midland Trail between Glen Ferris and Charlton Heights, turn onto CR 13 and cross Kanawha River on the green bridge.  At the end of the bridge, turn left and follow the road along the creek.  About a quarter mile up there is a 90 degree turn and shortly after that is a tall waterfall.  Continuing up this road you will find some other smaller falls and nice creek/water features, however, at about a mile up, the road is washed out at a culvert.

UPDATE:  Recently, (spring 2018) the Deepwater-Cotton Hill Bridge, "The Green Bridge", previously referred to on this site, has been closed indefinitely.  To Access the Boonesboro Rd. falls, you need to cross the river at Montgomery onto WV 61 and proceed east.  Once you come to the Deepwater-Cotton Hill Bridge, on your left, continue and bear downhill to your left and you will come to the confluence of the Falls Creek and Kanawaha River.  You can creekwalk through the culvert up the creek to shoot this waterfall.