From US 60, east of Charlton Heights, go across the Kanawha River on the green bridge at CR 13 and turn right and follow downriver.  There are at least three photo worthy locations on this road.  During wet weather is the best time to come here.  You may find more if you explore a bit more, but all the falls listed here are roadside and easy to find and parking is no problem.

UPDATE:  Recently, (spring 2018) the Deepwater-Cotton Hill Bridge, "The Green Bridge", previously referred to on this site, has been closed indefinitely.  To Access the Boonesboro Rd. falls, you need to cross the river at Montgomery onto WV 61 and proceed east, or pick up WV61 further downstream near Charleston.

Falls Creek falls and the creek itself, can also be accessed from here.  Please see the Falls Creek page for further information.