Wolf Creek tumbles down near the trailhead to the Kaymoor Trail off of Fayette Station Road.  It's a popular spot, but not all the falls are particularly evident unless you look for them.  From the parking space, which is very limited, there is a steel bridge which crosses the creek.  Up stream from that is this little gem, which can be very pretty.  I have seen two copper heads here, so be careful, not only when rock hopping, because it is dangerous here, but also where you step.

DSC 0633

I am not sure if there is any way to go further up stream from here.  It was not evident to me and  I was not in a bushwhacking mood, especially not knowing if there was anything up there.

Below the steel bridge, you need to walk back down the road a bit and then scramble down into the creek to see this fall.  It is visible from the side of the road, and you can tell there is something there from the bridge.  I was there on a really sunny day so the pics were not great, but it's a nice little fall of about 15 feet.  I've seen better shots from others, so, I'm sure it's worth the trip down.  Kind of steep and tight in spots, but doable.  I will definitely be doing this one again.


Across the steel bridge, you will find Kaymoor Trail Falls.  It's just a short walk up the trail after you cross the bridge and right on the side of the trail.

DSC 0617