Follow signs to Cunard.  Follow WV 16 south out of Fayetteville, bear left on Gatewood Rd. (CR 9).  Turn left on Cunard Rd. still on (CR 9) and follow through Cunard to a left on (CR 9/14) followed by an immediate left.  Follow to a paved parking area on your right.  Falls is across the road from the paved area.  I didn't see any way down into the creek without bushwhacking or going over the falls in a kayak.  Wasn't in the mood.  This shot is from the road.  Photos by Rick Hartigan.


Continue on the road to the Cunard put in at the New River, and follow a gravel road up river to your left.  At the dead end there's a bridge and it's easy to get in the creek at the bottom of Coal Run for a few shot of the small falls.