37.756309, -81.010524

Very sketchy information on this one, but one picture is worth a thousand words.  Worth looking for on Pinch Creek.  Billy Redden Falls On Pinch Creek Raleigh Co.  I believe there was a mill here at one time.

Information from Elsie Bennet on Facebook.


Exit I 64 at Exit 133 and go east on CR 27 all the way.  At the Pluto Church, do a hard switchback to the right and it's a total of about 1.7 miles to the GPS coordinates above, which will take you to the end of the road.   You will need to bring an ATV to get down this road.  You can only drive so far.  Once at the end, you are on your own.  I can't seem to get any more definite info, but if you stop at the first home (trailer) on your left going in, there's a biker guy lives there who will tell you how.  He offered to take me back in there, but I just didn't have time that day and it was getting dark.  Have an adventure and report back if you make it.

Billy Redden Falls

Some time ago, I did some calculating by looking at a Caltopo map and followed Pinch Creek to where it empties into Glade Creek.  It appears that it might be possible to creekwalk up Pinch Creek from the southern trailhead of Glade Creek.  Visit the .gov site for more information on Glade Creek and Kates Falls.