1. No West Virginia waterfalling expedition would be complete without spending some time in the Davis, W.V. area.  Blackwater Falls State Park is the perfect roost.  You can camp, rent a cabin, or stay in the lodge.  Lodge food is great and so is the service.  Cabins are very nice.  I haven't camped, but, I have met the host and they were most accomodating.

    1. First stop is Blackwater Falls, of course.  There are two overlooks.  Stop at the lodge and get a map of the area.  There are a number of cool places to shoot in this park.  Waterfalls are one thing, but there are several overlooks at Lindy Point, behind the lodge, and also over near the Pendleton Lake overlook.  Lindy Point is great for sunset.

    2. Shay's Run - minuimum of four falls on this run.  It's right next to the lodge.

    3. Falls Run - is near the Blackwater Falls overlook on the lodge side of the gorge.

    4. Pendleton Run - is on the opposite side of the gorge from the lodge.  Go to Pendleton Lake and park and follow the trail across the dam and work your way downstream.

    5. Douglas Falls - is not to be missed.  It's over in Thomas, not far.  You're going to want to look at a map.  It's on Google (39.124614, -79.519109).  These coordinates will get you there.  It's the dirt road.  There are coke ovens along here as well.

    6. Big Run - Big Run is on the western side of the gorge.  It is accessed via US 219 on FR 18.  After you have finished at Big Run AND if you have time and it's been raining!!!!! drop down the hill and check out a cute little fall called The Hambleton Spill.  It's not a lot, but it's picturesque, on the side of the road and if it's been raining, should be a good photo op.

    Make sure you visit all the links above if you plan to visit for full information.  Also, check at the lodge for more information and a park map.