My name is Rick Hartigan.  I am a waterfall enthusiast and the author of the book "West Virginia Waterfalls".  If you like waterfalls and if you like West Virginia, I'm sure this site will appeal to you.


How to work the site:

  • There are six menus on the site, but the Main Menu at the top of the page contains all the waterfall pages.
  • The Regional Listings Menu also contains all waterfalls in their respective areas, as well as the "Cool Places" that happen to be in the area.  Make sure to check the "Cool Places" link at the bottom of the Regional Listings Menu, as it contains some neat things like covered bridges, odd places, etc. that you might like to check out on your way to a fall.
  • There is a page associated with every menu item.  Even the top eschelon items have at least a map or some GPS Coordinates to show, so just because a bunch of other menu items drop down, doesn't mean there isn't something at the top.
  • The different locations are all associated with a GPS coordinate.  You can copy and paste them into any Google map and it will show you where they are, however, there is a comprehensive map of all the places listed on this site.  My West Virginia Waterfalls map beats anything on the web, and, between it and the links to additional maps, and the coordination of the linked pages in the map to this website, you will get the most comprehensive information available.  As much as I know anyway, which in some cases, may not be much, but, basically, if I've put a spot on the map, there's something there.
  • Items in RED on the map are items that are not complete, have not yet been visited, photographed, or are guesses or hypothesizing about what's there.  Some places have been told to me with very little info so I have added what info I have in hopes of getting out to them one day.


I hope this map and this site are of great use to you, that you have great adventures, and that you come to cherish and enjoy the wonderful West Virginia world as I do.  Good luck.  Happy hunting, and let me know if I can help you at any time.